A Woman’s Purse

Women do so much to make communities possible. They embody the delicate balance of strength and compassion, fight for their beliefs, and are strong collaborators who know how to get things done. At United Way of Adams County, we recognize and applaud the talents of women. By unleashing their strengths, we can generate a positive force in our community and provide women with some of the most rewarding, challenging and uplifting experiences of their lives.
The vision of A Woman’s Purse is that every woman in Adams County, regardless of age, deserves positive understanding, respectful support and equality. Its members are a sisterhood of passionate, united, resourceful women who achieve success by empowering others.

A Woman’s Purse believes that every woman, regardless of her age, deserves positive understanding, respectful support and equality. The women of the Purse partner with the Independent Living Program of Adams County Children and Youth Services to support young women and men as they age out of foster care. The women share their time, talents and treasures to help youth overcome the significant challenges facing them as they transition to self-sufficiency.

A Woman’s Purse receives its funding from annual memberships and the annual Purse Auction, featuring handbags of every size, shape and price-point. Held the last Friday in February, 300 women invested $18,000 in 2019!